DeliverAbility Difference

City Express provides the fastest and most cost efficient scheduled, rush, and on demand courier service possible while also custom tailoring our core business services to meet clients’ specific delivery needs.

Our DeliverAbility Difference
The DeliverAbility Difference truly sets City Express apart from other national and regional courier services.

How does this saying translate for our customers? With the DeliverAbility Difference, we promise you the following:

A Live Voice – 24 Hours A Day
City Express employees answer the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing clients with personal customer service and the ability to do business at any time, day or night. Our DeliverAbility promise guarantees you a familiar and pleasant voice whenever your courier needs arise.

On-Time Deliveries and Honest Scheduling
With personalized customer service 24 hours a day, City Express provides honest pickup and delivery times and up-to-the-minute scheduling and tracking – not an automated voice. DeliverAbility means you will feel assured that we we’re on time, every time.

Industry-Leading Technology
City Express employs industry-leading technology to ensure up-to-the-minute package tracking and continual communication with clients. Real-time updated systems, routes, and methods ensure on-time and accurate deliveries under all circumstances.

Safety and Security
City Express does not accept packages from unknown shippers and all City Express employee couriers are fully licensed, wear City Express uniforms, carry photo identification at all times, and are specially trained in safe driving and biking procedures, how to be alert for suspicious packages and how to handle industry-specific critical deliveries.